Our Inpatient Module for OpenEMR

Inpatient Module

The hospitalization system covers the main data registration needs in a hospital or clinic.

The first stage is to create the beds. A bed is always inside a room, in turn within a floor and within an area. The area can be General, Emergency, Surgery, Maternity, Intensive therapy, etc. The beds can be male/female, have TV or Oxygen. Other features can be added upon request.

The patients are selected from the list of existing patients in OpenEMR, and each one is assigned a bed and an admission date. The free/occupied status of each bed is recorded. In turn, each bed has a daily cost associated with it. When the patient’s record is searched, the admission date appears, and according to the days elapsed, the cost of using the bed is calculated. The next stage is to discharge the patient. At that time the period of hospitalization ends and the bed is released.

You can always ask for a report on inpatients, on free beds and on patients previously discharged. A hospitalized patient can not be entered twice, but one who has already been hospitalized and discharged can be re-admitted.

At a client’s request, we created a Unique Hospitalization Number, generated for each hospitalization event. Patients can change beds in the middle of the hospitalization, without changing the unique number. There is the option of changing beds, but the patient must be discharged and re-entered on the same day. The hospitalization period is continuous and has the same unique number.


Administrator permissions are required to create beds, intern, change bed and discharge inpatients. The other user levels (Coordinating Doctor or Physician, Clinician, Accountant and Receptionist) can only read the hospitalization reports.

All these new variables (inpatient, bed, floor, area, accrued cost, etc.) are recorded and can be incorporated into template Word documents that can be downloaded for printing. In this way, the usual practice of recording on paper is combined with the support of the electronic data system. We have created several documents of common use: Informed Consent, Operating Room Report, Clinical History Summary, Clinical History Data by system/organ, Patient Data, Indications, etc.

Online Demo

If you are interested in acquiring this module, request credentials for the online test. It is possible to develop new features or adaptations of the existing code.

For basic access, see http://medical-records.net/openinterna/ with user physician and password physician