Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Companies

The 5 previous proposals have many advertising and sponsorship places for drug companies. Doctors who are active online are likely to be more influential and see more patients that those who are hiding in their offices, and pharm sales reps need to identify them and see them, virtually or physically.

When a product is being discussed in a forum, the “virtual reps” can intervene defending the drug from attacks. Although it is not correct, they can do so anonymously or without identifying themselves as company members.

If a patient publishes his EMR online and releases his data, the companies can find candidates to buy certain products. Of course, while working with patient data there are a number of confidentiality issues to be addressed.

Activities where drug companies usually participate to reach doctors, like congresses and continuous education, are being progressively been transferred to the Web, creating optimal advertising spots.

Doctors that need financial help to develop an online presence can partner with drug companies and receive technology, advice and resources like web space or bandwidth.

Personal ViewIn case all the proposals are rejected, here is where I focus on a more standard job as Online Bizz Developer for Pharmaceutical companies, since this is my area of expertise. Consider this as my CV, résumé or brag book.

Here could be an ad from any drug company with a vision for the future…