Medical appointments system with online appointment calendar

The free open source system OpenEMR has a medical appointment system with calendar, as an integral part of the software, which can also be used separately from the Digital Clinical Records function. You can simply ignore everything that is not needed, and limit yourself to the functions of administering users of the system (user and password), awarding care appointments to professionals providing services, and arranging appointments with patients.

To register a Patient in the system, you need the date of birth, sex and a first and last name. You can add, if desired, a huge variety of demographic data, health insurance, clinical, contact, etc.

To register a Medical Center in the system you only need a name, and a series of location, contact data, if it is a billing center, and even identification color on the screen are optional.

To register a Provider (in general, doctor), user name, first and last name, password, Center by default where it attends and level of access are required, this being maximum (Administrator) or minimum (Clinical). In the same User registration screen you must specify if the same is a health service provider, if it has a presence in the Calendar and if it is active. Access levels that are not usually health service providers or have access to the calendar are the Accountant and the receptionist (deskfront attendant).

To record an Appointment between (Patient and Provider), click on the desired time, within the column of the desired provider, and select the patient. Then the appointment is confirmed.

After registered, the Appointment can be edited to change some data, or it can change of State, becoming: Canceled, Absent, Arrived, Arrived late, Retired without consultation, etc.

Both the programming of hours of presence in the Center for providers, as the Appointments for patients, can be repeated in days, weeks or consecutive or alternate months with a couple of clicks.

The Administrator / Reports function can issue reports of Appointments, Meetings, Appointments without Meeting, etc., for one or several lenders and / or Centers.

If the Patient Portal is activated, it can see on the online site its future appointments with professionals, among other data.

In summary, OpenEMR’s appointment scheduling and meeting schedule function is extremely complete, and covers the needs of most clinics and medical centers.

Our PowerPoint 3 presentation series describes how to use this practical medical appointment system.

If the user wishes, the system functions that will not be used can be disabled from the menus, in order to further simplify the task of the system operators.