Installation of OpenEMR in a medium size clinic in Southern Argentina.

We have installed OpenEMR in a medium size clinic, in the province of Chubut, Argentina, in September 2016. So far, 7 months later, there are 100 registered users and almost 10,000 patients. There were no problems so far.

The administration asked us for some reports, beyond those programmed in the OpenEMER system. For example, a list of patients without health insurance. We solved it with a customized MySQL query.

A Gynecology form was implemented with some standard questions.

We were asked to verify DNI number as unique. The DNI in Argentina is the Unique ID Number for each citizen. They also wanted some data to be entered as necessary for patient creation, like Sex, telephone and birth date.

We included a list of CIE10 diagnostic codes, in Spanish.

The user support is done through a local administrator. We use Windows Remote Desktop to access the Windows server with Xampp. The English / Spanish dictionary was also completed. We run periodic backup of the database. A replica of the active system is maintained on an additional server to make statistics, tests and improvement proposals. This server can also be used in case of eventual fall of the main server. We are also preparing a list of frequent practices, with code. In this way, requests for surgeries, healing techniques or patient care are standardized and the National Nomenclature codes are incorporated. This state standard establishes a standard for the prices of medical and surgical practices.

Consult us for your specific needs regarding OpenEMR. We install it on your own server or in the cloud. We make custom programming, training, permanent support and related services.