Inpatient module for OpenEMR – Ongoing project

The OpenEMR was originally for outpatients, but many claimed a new feature that allows the monitoring of hospitalizations. We are developing an Inpatient Module, including location, type of bed, floor, room, bed number, additional room , such as TV and oxygen, etc.

The reports include: Free beds – Inpatient days – Standard Inpatient  Number – Released patients – Accumulated cost for bed use

This new inpatient module can change the spectrum of entities that use the product, from the current single doctor’s offices to hospitals, clinics or sanatoriums that have hospitalization and that require assigning a bed number to each patient. This generates additional benefits, such as the need to count the days of hospitalization, the type and cost of the bed, and the services associated with the room or bed, such as orthopedic bed, TV, oxygen, alarm, monitoring, etc. There are many other functions related to hospitalization. Surgery is a frequent and complex requirement, and requires several professionals, equipment, instruments, supplies and others.

There can be menus that help planning, automatically loading each module or set of required elements. For this situation a separate application must be obtained, with a large part of custom programming. It is necessary that the system complies with international standards such as HL7 and Open EHR, in addition to national standards such as Vaccination Calendar, Argentine version of SNOMED, ​​practice coding and nomenclature, etc. This is achieved through interoperability engines. At the same time, the privacy of each patient is managed and the most stringent regulations are complied with, such as the GDPR of the European Union, for which it is required to hide identities, to export and to erase the entire Electronic Clinical History.

When attending entities with greater number of patients and increase the functions of the digital medical record system, we need to appoint aditional computer assistance services. Opportunities arise for developers, for health institution advisors, and for other managers who mediate between the final client and us, as well as systems providers and support personnel.

See the new features of the digital clinical history recently incorporated. Click on the Patient option in the menu for the new functions to appear:

  1. Inpatient options
  2. New bed
  3. Edit beds
  4. Bed assignment to patient
  5. Change of bed
  6. Patient discharge
  7. Inpatient list
  8. Released patient list
  9. Free beds list

We are launching the new module in the international market, in English, and in LatinAmerica, in Spanish.