History of OpenEMR, unique, full featured EHR system

OpenEMR[1] is a medical data administration program which for Electronic Medical Records (EMR). It is ONC Entire Ambulatory EHR certified and it functions altogether with integrated electronic medical records, administration, scheduling and electronic billing.

The code  is written in PHP and works under a LAMP, albeit any operating classification with PHP is supported.

OpenEMR is clear and open code program business GNU (GPL). OpenEMR is subject to ongoing efforts of internationalization and localization in multiple languages around the globe. Support is offered by more than 30 vendors in  10 countries.

OpenEMR is one of the most accepted free of charge electronic medical records today with 7000 downloads per month.


It is hard to assess the count of practitioners that are using this program.

In the US, it has been estimated that there are additional than 5,000 installations of OpenEMR in doc offices and additional diminutive healthcare facilities serving added than 30 million patients.[8] Internationally, it has been estimated that OpenEMR is installed in 15,000 healthcare facilities. Internationally, it is admitted that there are practitioners in Pakistan,[24] Puerto Rico, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Israel, India,[19][25] Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, Bermuda, Armenia, Kenya, and Greece that are either testing or actively using OpenEMR.

OpenEMR is an electronic fitness records and medical custom administration unit. It functions absolutely integrated electronic fitness, records, custom administration, scheduling, electronic billing. You may discover added and interrogate questions here at OpenEMR Forums or download it instantly from OpenEMR Downloads.