Health Insurance FAQ

How are the health insurance providers already admitted published?

First of all, each country has a different health system and denomination, but the most common is Health Insurance. In Argentina there are Obras Sociales (obligatory for all workers) or Prepaid Insurance o Prepagas (of voluntary affiliation). In Administration – Practice – Health insurance companies there is an editable list.

How more countries are added to the default option (USA only) ?

In Administration – Lists – Countries you can add more countries. They will be available in some other options, such as patient demographics, Centers, etc.

Can benefits be associated with costs?

A list with benefits and their prices can be incorporated into the database. In countries with high inflation this can be complicated, because of the need to adjust prices, but it is still better than manual billing.

What about patients who do not have health insurance?

We need everyone to have some insurance, so we created an option called Do not have / Do not know, to award it to patients. The safe field can not be left empty, because it would exclude the patient from many useful lists.

Can patients be charged differently, according to the coverage they have?

It would be ideal to do so, and that the system updates the amounts according to the coverage of health that is possessed. However, we have not yet delved into that problem. Is pending.

Can we load the Argentine nomenclator into the database?

The nomenclator stopped updating some time ago, but it can serve as an indicator of reference prices. Maybe passed to dollars.