english description openemr website

OpenEMR is a very complete system for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or even Electronic Health Records (EHR). It is written in PHP code with Javascript and MySQL database. It is very complete open source code, free, that can be downloaded from the official Oemr site.

Anyone can download it, install it and make the modifications to the code that are necessary to adapt the system to the particular needs of a client.

We have developed a system to download printable forms with additional variables to those that come by default. This helps the clinics transition from paper to electronic format. Also we created a score of forms commonly used in external and internal attention.

It is possible to connect patient data with other servers, for example with clinical analysis laboratories, which deliver scanned results, or providers of diagnostic imaging, Rx, MRI, tomography or related. These providers must comply with the HL7 standard, the universal standard for the transmission of medical data, and also the safety standards at the level of HIPAA and other regulatory bodies. On the other hand, health insurance companies may also have servers that require connection to the digitalized medical history through our clinical medical data software. In this way they can monitor the evolution of their patients and authorize benefits. In this case OpenEMR provides REST standards through an API that allows the interaction of both servers.

We developed a number of improvements, having to do with dowloadable forms with incorporated variables, with the Inpatient module and more. Also a development that allows segmenting patient data based on the health insurer, so users identified with a company can only see the patients of that company, and not the others.

Ask us for assistance services with this topic. We have experience in installing, adapting, configuring and performing new developments at the request of the client.