Digital Medical Records for institutions

The computerization of clinical data is an irreversible global trend, and it is indisputable that it streamlines and improves patient service. The data becomes auditable, monitored and transferable.

There are many commercial products to computerize the medical history, both in desktops and in the cloud. Their cost is generally proportional to the amount of benefits they offer.

OpenEMR offers the same amount of benefits as the products of 10,000 dollars or more.  But this software is free and open source, which means it can be obtained free of charge, and modified to taste without paying licenses.

OpenEMR is the system with the most installations in the world, in more than 15,000 institutions with at least 45,000 professionals, which generated a broad base of users and developers that makes it popular and easy to adapt and modify.

Download the software, install it and start using it. You may need knowledge about servers, databases, or Linux. Most of the documentation is in English. Alternatively, please contract us for technical tasks and user support.

Consult us for the installation and support of the Digital Medical History System, on your server or in the cloud. Netic Infoservicios is the official Spanish translator of the American English system.

We Are Partners in Argentina of several consulting firms from abroad.

Our core of activity is the programming and adaptation of computer systems to health management.

Modules already made: a) laboratory Module b) Office Management c) Patient Portal d) Mobile App e) Inpatient module

Improve the quality of your health care-Modernize your methods-Follow the leadership path-Incorporate the Digital Medical History into your institution

Our clients include large academic medical centers, teaching hospitals, specialized medical practices and many clinics. More than 55 direct installations from OpenEMR, more than 170 medical clinics and health information technology companies.

See a video showing some basic screens of OpenEMR installed in our server.

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