Cost of the Electronic Medical Record system

Factors affecting the cost of the EMR

Factors based on number of users, data volume, implemented features 

There are many variables to consider to estimate the installation cost of an EMR system.

These are the standard questions about the final users, which we usually ask in order to quote an installation and a maintenance service. The answer will give us an idea of the intensity of use, of user diversity, of the amount of data to be managed and of the complexity of the initial installation and subsequent adaptations and configurations.

Questions for the health administrators

  For a fast automated quote see our calculator and you will know how many hours of a technician will be needed to install the software. 


– Do they have a network? How many computers?

More machines mean more cost, but this is just a starting question.

– Do they have a server? What type? Windows or Linux?

In principle, Linux has all the necessary components, in Windows they must be installed as an additional with a small overhead in resource usage.

– Are they connected to the Internet with fixed IP?

If there is a variable IP, you must install additional components to have a web domain to access the system.

– Do they already have a website? Which one? Is it hosted on the local server?

It helps to configure web access to the system. The website usually gives us useful data about the institution.

– Do they already have a system for patient data?

A data migration may be necessary. The existing features usually need to be maintained.

– Do they plan to upload data from biochemical studies or radiographs?

It is useful, but it can be more complex and needs more resources.

– Have they defined the requirements of a digital medical history? Or do we use conventional ones?

There are many configuration alternatives that can be exploited.

– Where are they located?

We have clients everywhere, but we are physically located in Buenos Aires, with associates in Uruguay, Honduras and Colombia.

– Local server or the Cloud?

We ask first of all if the client wants to install the software on his server, or if he wants to use our remote service in the “cloud”. In the first case they have more control over the system and the response is faster. Due to the diversity of servers, routers and networks, the cost is high at first, but then very low to perform maintenance. With our server in the cloud it is the other way around: the installation is cheap, but the maintenance is a bit more expensive.

How much disk space is needed?

The disk space required by the client should also be analyzed, depending on the number of patients and if there is a need to save documents and radiographs on the server.

How often to backup the data?

Depending on the quantity and quality of data, it may be necessary to perform a backup (backup) with different frequency: daily, weekly, biweekly. This also has a small cost for requiring activity from an operator or from the automated server.

Are the needs of a digital medical history defined? Or do we use conventional ones?

There are many configuration alternatives that can be exploited.

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