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Our EMR Support Services

This website provides support for OpenEMR, a free open source solution for Electronic Medical Records, in English and in Spanish.

    • We install your Online system for Electronic Medical Records
    • Web server and database server rental.
    • Options for own domain, own website, own hardware and software.
    • Domain certificate for Secure Server, such as https://SecureWebServer.com
    • Digital Signatures for Doctors and other sensitive users.

Starting Services:

  • Configure user-friendly menues.
  • Navigation options, language, units, calendar, working hours.
  • Select the features that will appear in the menues.
  • Configure Internet security options. Password length and duration, certificates
  • Define IP restricted access, for machine or geographical restriction of each user
  • Configure Patient Portal options
  • Define and name Facilities
  • Define and name Users, with access levels. Users: System Administrator, Doctors, Clinicians, Nurses, Clerks, Accountants.
  • Establish passwords for each user, incorporate emails to their profiles, send the initial password by email
  • Define special Diagnostic or Therapeutic Procedures
  • Medical Coding: ICD9 or ICD10 table
  • Administrative accounting tasks: add suggested prices for common procedures
  • Setup day and time schedules for all the service providers. Show them in the calendar
  • Name and logo of the institution for letterhead in documents and prescriptions
  • A large number of administrative options, possibility of custom settings
  • Support for EMR Meaningful Use
  • Financial rewards (Physician Incentives for those who keep electronic medical records)
  • HIPAA compliant managed online hosting and backup services
  • Data conversion
  • Customization and troubleshooting

Training Services

  • Setup dummy accounts for several roles
  • Direct guide to one client-designed person during the initial setup of the system
  • Answer tickets from users during a fixed learning period
  • Training accounts – Training drills – Personalized tutoring
  • Online Support Options for different roles within the hospital or facility:
    Administrative – Accounting – Billing – Nurse – Coding technician – Pharmacist (drug equivalences, drug interactions, drug selection)

Support Method:

Ticket – email – phone – SMS – Personal presence

Ongoing Services

  • Data Backup
  • Usage Audit
  • Security Audit
  • Upgrading the code with the latest changes, in order to improve securitiy and features
  • Communicating news and suggestions to the users

Additional Related Services

  • Transcription (from audio file, from free format digital text, from paper)
  • Advanced Medical Services
  • Available for patients with complete EMR and special authorization by treating doctor. Rendered by M.D. or Medicine Ph.D. with valid practice license in their jurisdiction.
  • Possible diseases for each symptom set
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Suggested studies
  • Second medical opinion
  • Supporting papers for specific medical decisions
  • Electronic Medical Records Demo OpenEMR
  • Electronic Medical Records Blog

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